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Hotel Nordlys, Oqaatsut

Accommodation: Price/room
Double room incl. breakfast 985 DKK
Single room incl. breakfast 775 DKK
Extra bed in room 345 DKK
Breakfast per person  95 DKK


Bed&Breakfast, Oqaatsut

Accommodation: Price/room  
Double room without breakfast 650 DKK
Single room without breakfast 475 DKK
Breakfast in Hotel Nordlys   95 DKK


Boat trips to and from Oqaatsut with “Greenland Authentic Tours”

Boat trip to Oqaatsut round trip per person 900 DKK
Boat trip to Oqaatsut or Ilulissat one way per person 450 DKK
Boat trip to and from Oqaatsut in connection with
Accommodation either in Hotel Nordlys or
Bed & Breakfast one way, per person 400 DKK
Children under 12 years, half price.


Adventure Tours with “Greenland Authentic Tours”

Whale watching, min. 2 persons 895 DKK
Fishing by boat incl. fishing license, min. 2 persons 775 DKK
Hire of fishing rod, per day 200 DKK
Ice fishing with longline in winter, per person 725 DKK
Boattrip to Ilulissat Isfjord from Oqaatsut, min. 3 persons 650 DKK
Coffee party with a Greenlandic family, per person 200 DKK
Heather grilled seal meat in the open, per person 250 DKK
Villagetour in Oquaatsut, per person 200 DKK


Dog sledding

2 hour trip, per person 1295 DKK
3 hour trip, per person 1495 DKK
Ilulissat – Quaatsut or visa versa 1495 DKK


Snowmobile transfer

Ilulissat – Oqaatsut – Ilulissat 1600 DKK

Café Nordlys, open all year

Lunch plate consisting of Greenlandic raw materials 175 DKK

Coffee, tea, cake, water, beer, etc. can be purchased at the café all year round


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