Close to Greenland’s UNESCOs World Heritage attraction


The settlement of Oqaatsut is located in the Disko Bay just 18 kilometers north of the famous Ilulissat Ice Fiord, which is listed on UNESCOs World Heritage List.

Close to the hotel is an old construction used for towing whales, which is still being used by the locals in Oqaatsut. The small fishery factory is also worth a visit; the locals have specialized in refinement of Greenland halibut, Atlantic wolffish and codfish as well as the production of snacks based on local ingredients processed in the surrounding nature.

Activities all year around


During the summer, tour boats shuttle between Oqaatsut and Ilulissat. The trip takes about 25 minutes. It’s also possible to make your way to the settlement by foot, as the distance is about 21 kilometers. During winter, dog sledge or snowmobile are the preferred ways of getting around.

Oqaatsut is, with only 40 citizens, the smallest of the settlements surrounding Ilulissat. In return, the citizens reside in the world’s biggest municipality, which measures more than the entirety of France in square kilometers!