Fishing near Oqaatsut


The coastal waters of Oqaatsut are home to many different species of fish – halibut, cod, catfish, Greenland fjord cod, sculpins, red fish, dab. In summer, especially from mid-June to early July, capelin (a small fish of the smelt family) arrive at the coast in huge shoals to spawn. They are so numerous that the fish can be harvested on the beach with bare hands or in nets.

The locals usually dry the fish not far from shore and enjoy them ‘on the rocks’ – an intense vitamin supplement!

We sail out to the best fishing spots to fish for cod (jig-fishing) or whatever other catch the sea has to offer on the day based on the time of year, weather and wind. With a little luck, we’ll return with bowls filled with fish, ready for cooking at the hotel.

A good advice before we depart: Put a great bottle of white wine in the fridge.

We also offer fishing for char, which we locate in the seas north of Oqaatsut.

Coffee and tea is included.


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